less monday, more weekend

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After getting absorbed into the Coachella world via social media over the weekend, Monday is the cruel bucket of cold water dumped over my head.

While it’s raining (and hailing) here in Vancouver, a girl can dream about the warmer weather to come. Tanner legs, higher hems and soaking up the sun in the sand. Bikinis and sunglasses are required and lately, so is the scarf.

I recently took this Echo Design scarf everywhere with me one day last week to test how versatile it really was.

It started off wrapped around my neck, then after a spray tan (and not wanting to ruin the silk fabric) it became a bold purse accessory while I spent some time in the studio and met up with a few clients. The work day continued into a photoshoot; making our way down to Jericho Beach, the scarf first became a headwrap to keep my curls from being blown out and afterwards, a shawl to shield me from the dipping temperatures.

Scarves are something that I definitely neglect, and I was surprised and intrigued by how many unique ways I could work the scarf, not only into a look, but into a daily routine and I’ll bet I’m not the only one, so the next time you find yourself in need of a challenge, challenge the scarf.

Hawkers sunglasses | Black Swan dress | c/o Echo Design scarf | Jeffrey Campbell boots

Photos by Thomas Bullock

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