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winter is coming

untitled (31 of 55)I had a coffee date turned creative meeting with Grace from Artiden the other day and since she also dabbles in design, she recommended a little layout change so I’m trying it out today. Let me know what you think!

This photoshoot was unexpectedly fun. I’m always trying to push myself out of my comfort zone and try something new and today I feel like I really broke through the typical ‘blogger mold’ as I call it.

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Some days are colder than others as Vancouver gets ready for a second snowfall and I’m pretty much prepared fashion-wise. I found this cozy Jacques Vert jacket for $15 dollars at a thrift store. FIFTEEN DOLLARS. It’s a size too big, but that just makes it easier to layer underneath.

Also can we talk about this Instagram update? They grace us with 4 new filters, then cut away our followers. Granted, they were spam accounts, but I’m pretty happy to know that only a small amount were fake. Cheers to keeping social media honest!

Jacques Vert coat | Jacob jeans | YES platforms

Photos by Isaac Sim

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cartoon forest

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Where more appropriate to parade around in a cartoon-esque outfit than a forest? Well, a park, but forest sounds cooler. Besides, I love me some contrast and this fits the bill pretty perfectly.

I haven’t quite packed away my crop tops yet, as you can see they make pretty nice layering pieces that also add colorblocking, but I sense they’ll be retiring pretty soon, my closet just isn’t big enough for all 4 seasons (are you hearing this, Santa?)

Jump from Paper bag | c/o Sarah Mulder necklace | Jacob jeans | Miista oxfords

Photos by Isaac Sim


christmas for women

Christmas sneaks up on me every year. December rolls around and all the sudden I’m getting Christmas list requests and the mental list I’ve been adding to all year vanishes.

So for all the dudes out there who still need an awesome gift for your lady-friends, and for all the ladies who are still looking to add to their Santa list, this one’s for you. Especially the wine holder for the bathtub.


I’ll admit, I’ve left a few Christmas gifts until the last minute (hello express shipping) and on top of that the men in life are the hardest people to shop for. Luckily a little online browsing got my gears turning and I’ve put together a collage of Christmas gifts that any of the men in my life, and hopefully yours, would love to receive. I’ve even got a few en route to me right now, hopefully my brothers/dad/boyfriend isn’t reading this!

From the coffee lover, to gamer to world wanderer, there’s something for every kind of guy.

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