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I’m currently 3 days into a 14 day work blitz and my life is currently sorted like a Pinterest board so I can stay on track. Work, social media, appointments, clients, events.. oh, and eating. Can’t forget about eating. And sleep!

Sometimes my outfits are a direct reflection of how I’m feeling, but this all-white look suggests something calmer.. because honestly, I am calm. No amount of busy can beat a well organized day/week/month, and whereas some prefer the ol’ moleskin, I’m more invested in my Calendar app, which is pretty full of some big moves this week and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

There’s no growth without sacrificing a little free time and that’s always an investment I’m willing to make.

Thrifted blazer, sweater | Olive + Piper necklace | Topshop pants | The Office shoes

Photos by Thomas Bullock

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