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Let me start off by saying I can count the amount of times I’ve worn something strapless on one hand. They kind of make me nervous, actually, and I’m partially scarred that they’ll somehow get pulled down.

Howeverrr, I am 99% fearless on a good day, and this was one of those days; so I put my trust into the universe and this top and my ‘scars’ started to fade. I actually really enjoyed baring my shoulders on this crisp day and it was pretty empowering to be trying some new that had an unexpectedly positive result. This is what I mean when I say fashion is a personal therapy. Now excuse me while I get my Superwoman feels on.

Topshop choker | c/o For Elyse top | Motel Rocks skirt | Thrifted boots

Photos by Marshall Heritage

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red hot royalty

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As if one crown wasn’t enough, yeah I had to have another one. cause this shiz is awesome.

As you can see, the red & black theme is very strong and what’s up – I’m wearing red lipstick for once in my life. Slight sidenote, I used to believe red wasn’t a lip color that worked for me and it was actually one of the Covergirl reps at VFW that picked this shade out and I loved it so much I bought it the next day. Talk about successful marketing tactics.

Covergirl lipstick | Thrifted blazer | Thrifted skirt | Jeffrey Campbell boots

Photos by Marshall Heritage

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laser cut square

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This was a weird day. Marshall had taken me out to lunch and we split a pitcher, then we (literally) stumbled across this location where we decided we’d shoot at.

As we started shooting, this woman and her ‘friendly’ dog, read: risking paw prints on my chest, come up to us and she starts grabbing at my face and telling Marshall she shoots for National Geographic and how he should shoot me. Huge no-no, why do people do this?

Anywaaaays back to the clothes, since my preference ranges from tight and cropped to loose and long, I figured we might as well throw boxy into the mix and experiment with the neoprene trend before it’s gone, and this sweater makes it especially easy with the laser-cut deets and dare I say ~*pop of color*~ at the cuffs? Honestly though, accent colors make styling way more easier and fun, almost lazy. Almost.

Studded beanie | c/o Shopbop sweater | Walg London dress | Jeffrey Campbell platforms

Photos by Marshall Heritage


I never though I’d get tired of fur, but once they start appearing in H&M, XXI, etc. it’s time to keep one eye open for the next funky thing to get excited about.

You know when you see someone walking down the street with their blazer over their shoulders? You’re probably thinking, “that thing is going to fall right off,” or “they look like they want to be a superhero really badly.” But that person (and I’ve been there) is thinking “it’s too damn hot for a jacket and too damn cold for a t-shirt.”

Enter the cape.

It’s like having your cake and eating it too; you get to avoid the commitment of pulling on a jacket (and getting bunched sleeves), you reap the benefits of getting a nice breeze on those muggy Autumn days and you don’t have to worry about it ever falling off your shoulders.

I’ve slowly started picking up some of my new favorite outerwear and have compiled a little slideshow of my favorites in case you’re looking to channel your inner Superman without grabbing your lapels with every gust of wind.


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