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With the countdown to Halloween standing at 7 days, it’s time to get into the spirit and I couldn’t resist posting this spooky set before a very special week.

I love Halloween. Putting together costumes at home, doing elaborate makeup and essentially slipping behind a much scarier mask of yourself brings me back to when I’d play dress up as a kid and it’s always been so much fun.

For this Halloween, I’ve worked very hard at putting together 5 costumes that have been suggested to me through social media mixed with my own creations and next week, for the 5 days days leading up to Halloween, I’ll be posting 1 costume a day, and it’ll be rightly dubbed ‘Halloweek’. So get ready.

In the meantime, check out my past Halloween looks!

Dead Prom Queen


Moon Goddess

Addison vest | Urban Outfitters dress | Aldo necklace | Jeffrey Campbell heels

Photos by Jenna Vieira



muted motel

jessicamotelrocks01 jessicamotelrocks06 jessicamotelrocks05 jessicamotelrocks07 jessicamotelrocks11

Autumn rolls around and that’s usually a sign it’s time to pack away the summer clothes, so here’s how I’m dealing with it.

Bright florals and sandals are usually the first to go, but not this time. I’m keeping the spirit of summer alive in this Motel Rocks wrap dress that lets me rock flowers in a muted way that perfectly contrasts the changing leaves that drift across the sky and compliments a hot, albeit tiny, coffee.

And if you’re wondering how to avoid stashing your strappy shoes away, I’ll let you in on a little secret: knee high socks. All the sudden, my Le Cheateau heels are weather appropriate and nobody’s the wiser; all that matters is that my toes aren’t freezing off!

Aldo necklace | For Elyse kimono | c/o Motel Rocks dress | Le Chateau heels

Photos by Marshall Heritage


So you’ve entered the world of blogging. Unfortunately, one bloggers formula isn’t going to work for another, so you’re on your own for that; but what I can offer you are loose blogging guidelines to keep in mind during your blogging journey and what I wish someone had told me when I started.

•     •     •

  •  Bulk content. This one is for anyone with a career, going to school or who just likes to maximize efficiency. Instead of shooting 1 outfit when you need it, shoot a couple in a day. You’ll only have to do your hair and makeup once and it’ll allow you to manage your blog posts easier. Nothing feels better than getting a weeks worth of blogging out of the way, and being able to plan for posts ahead is a serious advantage.

  • Schedule everything. If you aren’t already scheduling your blog posts, I recommend it. Life gets in the way and time can be your worst enemy. If you’re already on the ball, look into expanding. I use the scheduling option on Facebook and Hootsuite for Twitter if I know I’ll be at school all day and too busy to manage social media.

  • Put your best foot forward. This is a quality over quantity moment and I’ll use a personal example. When my photo quality was in the hands of my less-than-skilled, but helpful friends, only a handful of the photos would turn out. At this point, until you can get your hands on some better eqipment, it’s important to select only the best. Even if it’s only 2 photos out of 55. Also if you have a few identical photos, with very minor differences, just pick one. Remember it’s about the reader, not how cute you look with you mouth open and closed.

  • Location matters. It’s like a rite of passage, every new blogger starts out with a tripod and their garage door. But a good way to feign experience is to try something different. An outfit that looks like it’s made for the location gets a lot more interest than watching the paint on your garage door fade. You don’t even have to go far, just experiment with angles. Ex: up the driveway, down the driveway, outside your front door, on the road, on the sidewalk, in the backyard. All within 2 minutes and all offering something different.

  • Be yourself. Is easier said than done, but the best way to connect with your followers without the endless hours of networking is to let your personality shine through in your words. If you like How I Met your Mother, make references within your blog posts and it’s guaranteed someone will notice and fall in love with the fact that you didn’t think Robin should be with Ted more than how you like to wear vertical stripes.

 •     •     •

 After 2ish years of blogging and getting asked for advice, this is the kind of information I wish I had taken into consideration when I first started, but then again I’m more of a throw-yourself-in-head-first kind of girl so we all have our methods.



DSC_0298 copy

11 (2)02 15 (2) DSC_0298 copy 04 10 (2)

Let me start off by saying I can count the amount of times I’ve worn something strapless on one hand. They kind of make me nervous, actually, and I’m partially scarred that they’ll somehow get pulled down.

Howeverrr, I am 99% fearless on a good day, and this was one of those days; so I put my trust into the universe and this top and my ‘scars’ started to fade. I actually really enjoyed baring my shoulders on this crisp day and it was pretty empowering to be trying some new that had an unexpectedly positive result. This is what I mean when I say fashion is a personal therapy. Now excuse me while I get my Superwoman feels on.

Topshop choker | c/o For Elyse top | Motel Rocks skirt | Thrifted boots

Photos by Marshall Heritage

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