bold makeup hues
Excuse the blatant narcissism that is 7 photos of my photoshopped face, but sometimes when I'm not pursuing my love of style, I play the happy guinea ...
tire swing
Never in my life have I ever considered wearing a mesh ballcap as part of any outfit.. ever. But that was before my sweet, fashionably hopeless boyfri...
my metallic heart
Ventured into Olympic Village for the 2nd time ever and we ended up taking these photos on the pathway to Habitat Island, which is both an urban sanct...
LUXE x Quiz Clothing
     The most popular events in the summertime are: weddings, birthdays and festivals. It's up to you how you want to dress for each, but I'll te...
Khatsahlano block party
    If you're from Vancouver, you made have heard about the Khatsahlano block party that happened a few days ago. I usually ignore communal events...
little amethyst witch
  Part 2 of the latest Tooth & Eye collection has me wandering the cobblestone streets of Gastown feeling like a little amethyst witch getting u...
LUXE x Tooth & Eye
    With change comes opportunity and with their recent rebrand, Tooth and Eye (formerly Foxtale Designs) seized the moment and dropped a whole n...
don’t be a tulle
 Tulle was one of those materials I always thought was ridiculous.. even more ridiculous than my puns.Never touched it at prom and despised seeing ...
i scream, you scream
   Who needs lipstick when you can have blue stained lips? And what's better than having food props, you get to eat them!I like to say I had no ch...
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Meet The Team

Jessica Luxe

Founding the website in 2012, Jessica fills the roles of model, stylist and main contributor.

Marshall Heritage

Joining the team in 2013, Marshall is the websites main fashion/ event photographer.

“What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today, when human contacts are so quick. Fashion is instant language.”

- Miuccia Prada

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