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VFW Day 2

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“On the second day of fashion week, my closet gave to me

yellow frames and bags in 2D”

Sing that to the tune of 12 days of Christmas because that’s what VFW is to me, a holiday.

Yesterday I collaborated looks with fellow Vancouver style blogger, Xander Vintage and traveling fashionisto Liam Randhawa after discovering we all had 2D bags by Jump From Paper and topped the looks off with yellow hued eyewear from the lovely Sue at The Optical Boutique.

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Akira Kuwabara’s collection started in space and ended on Earth. The first half of the collection featured layered and multi-colored triangles that cascaded over the body in different directions looking like the kind of fembot attire that you don’t mess with while she’s taking over the galaxy.

The second half was filled with the more creative uses of trench coats I’ve seen to date. The designer clearly had a fun time experimenting with button and sleeve placement, as well as completely deconstructing the trench and modifying it to fit the models in ways I’ve never seen, probably because they look totally uncomfortable, but on the runway, anything goes.

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Watching the Santa Clara collection was like disappearing into another world. The underwater world. Rich shades of green complimented with glitz moved down the runway and from mermaids to seagrass, every piece reminded me of something oceanic. If any mermaid goddesses are reading this, I think you know who to call for your next favorite dress.

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This next designer never disappoints. Dawson & Devereaux has been on my radar since last season and I was eager to see what she’d do this time around. All gorgeous, as usual, and I could see something for everyone walking down that runway Personally, my favorites were the sparkling metallics whether they were paired with a gauzy top or delicate chain detailing. 5 gold stars for this collection.

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Seeing Evan Clayton take over the runway is kind of a ‘duh’ moment. If you’ve seen him before, you know that every season is better than the last and expectations are high.

So what did Evan do? He set the bar even higher.

It’s so inspiring when a designer pours his entire being into a collection and that’s what I felt watching the models stomp down the runway. Each look was on point and dressed to kill. It was all over too fast and I was left hoping for more; a reaction I shared with my seat neighbors.  Plus the use of fur incorporated into every look. Girl, pleeeease.

The Optical Boutique glasses

Thrifted top

Jump from Paper bag

Le Chateau heels

Photos by Marshall Heritage

VFW1-2014 (7)

 VFW1-2014 (7) VFW1-2014 (1) VFW1-2014 (4) VFW1-2014 (22) VFW1-2014 (15) VFW1-2014 (8) VFW1-2014 (18) VFW1-2014 (5) VFW1-2014 (3)

And we’re back for another season of Vancouver Fashion Week.

Day 1 was reserved for the opening gala and I arrived early with Marshall to check out the new location. This season, VFW is being held at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre and after hearing the topic buzz around the room the whole evening, the general consensus was that we all looooved it.

VFW1-2014 (28) VFW1-2014 (29) VFW1-2014 (31) VFW1-2014 (34) VFW1-2014 (45) VFW1-2014 (46) VFW1-2014 (44) VFW1-2014 (25)

The opening gala treated its guests to a sprinkling of designer previews and I’ve included a few of my favorite shots.

VFW1-2014 (52) VFW1-2014 (54) VFW1-2014 (55) VFW1-2014 (63)

Along with the preview, Olya Shishkina showed her S/S collection with a very effervescent and appropriate theme: bubbles!

It was a delight to watch the models float down the runway in bubble print and a summery attitude. I’ve always had a thing for the way sun bounces off a pool and with the way the designer combined summer memories with a bit of flirt held my attention the entire show.

VFW1-2014 (50)

The Optical Boutique glasses

Mystique clutch

Sarah Mulder bracelet

Le Chateau heels

photos by Marshall Heritage


DSC_0110 DSC_0063 DSC_0022 DSC_0007 DSC_0126 DSC_0034 DSC_0010

If a company is doing their social media marketing right, the name quickly becomes familiar and the products grow on you. That’s what happened to me with Triangl Swimwear, and it’s as if they read my mind because soon they had one in the mail coming my way.

I n-e-v-e-r buy swimwear online because I have one of those bootys that is a size 2 in one brand, but a 6 in another; sooo I hedged my bets by following the size chart very closely and went for a small in the Molly Rosewolf and.. drumroll please.. the bottoms fit like a glove. The top fit enough, a bit of excess boob, but I did the spaz test and it stayed on, so that works for me.

About the look, I wanted to do something different from your typical bikini shoot because I’m not really into defaulting to ‘sexy’ so I went for ‘adventurer’ since I feel like the neoprene adds a sporty element. Featuring Marshall’s (last minute) cap and my new compact SLR, we hiked around on the rocks while I tested out landscape shots.

On another note, consider this my last peaceful moment before fashion week starts on Monday. It’s gonna be nuts.

American Apparel hat

c/o Hairtrade extensions

ZeroUV sunnies

c/o Triangl Swimwear bikini

Converse sneakers

Photos by Marshall Heritage



2014-09-01 02.48.52   2014-09-01 03.30.29 2014-09-04 09.16.14 2014-09-01 03.32.03 VFW1VFW2  2014-09-01 04.56.492Jessica Luxe

cool hunter
A person whose job is to make observations or predictions about new styles and trends.

First off, a huge thank-you to Vancouver Fashion Week for extending an invitation to me for this promo event. I love getting involved with local projects and our local fashion week is one I look forward to twice a year, so having the chance to be a part of promoting my favorite event is bliss.

I arrived at 10am with a fresh face and bedhead. We were given the option of having our hair and makeup done and I was taking full advantage because.. well, sleep.

First look was hair so straight it looked like liquid and that was for the color-coordinated look. Each person was given the task of putting together a look using blue and/or yellow to compliment the red background and I love the diversity that came out of it.

Second look was a free for all and I chose a mohawk-meets-showhorse hairdo to compliment my glitzy DIY collar and romper. After filming individual mini-interviews, we wrapped on time at 3pm and peaced out for appies and beer on Davie St. #treatyoself

Look 1
American Apparel crop top
H&M skirt
Jeffrey Campbell lace-ups

Look 2
DIY collar
c/o Blaque Label romper
Jeffrey Campbell lace-ups

Project Director: Fernando Cysneiros
Photography: Fernando Cysneiros
Make-up by Kerry Lynne Waters
Studio: Limage Media

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