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Now that I’m back to school full-time chasing my business degree, blogging is reserved for between classes (like now), on the weekends or after class.

As if I needed an excuse to hit the online shops, I did a little back-to-school shopping to get me in the mood and found this striking cobalt blue backpack with studs all over it that has become a daily addition to my univeristy outfits. Even though it’s a little too small to carry any of my binders, it keeps my hands free!

Plus, because of the whole season change, a new pair of booties were essential; so I picked out a pair of Jeffrey Campbell Muskrat boots from Shopbop (psst, these ones are on sale) and these are also being worn quite frequently as their super easy to slip on sans hands and the cutouts amp up your average outfit.


c/o ZeroUV sunnies

For Elyse necklace

Thrifted blouse

Thrifted pants

c/o Jeffrey Campbell booties

Photos by Marshall Heritage


autumn nudes

rr_200814_jl-4970 rr_200814_jl-4971 rr_200814_jl-4952 rr_200814_jl-4966 rr_200814_jl-4958

Refreshing my color palette and going nude on one of Vancouver’s more summery days. Not the kind of nude you see at wreck beach, but the lack of color definitely makes me feel bare.

I know you can’t tell the order in which I put this look together, but I ended up caving at the last minute and adding this blood orange bag. I guess my color resistance is pretty weak.

Also, bringing back the hair I had when I was a brunette, I guess it’s also partial to avoiding too much of the same color.

Courtney Boutique purse

Jeffrey Campbell lace-ups

Photos by Ryan Rose


no patterns, mom

rr_200814_jl-5052 rr_200814_jl-5056 rr_200814_jl-5045 rr_200814_jl-5069 rr_200814_jl-5036 rr_200814_jl-5046 rr_200814_jl-5074 rr_200814_jl-5026

A girl’s got to have her iced lattés and Terra Breads in Olympic Village has the b-e-s-t.

This is probably one of the most neutral outfits I’ve ever worn (no patterns, mom!).. but I really wanted to showcase this amazing headpiece my girlfriend handcrafted, I’m so proud of her! It’s in the shape of a steampunk-esque eye and I just had to borrow it for a shoot because how often do you have the chance to wear such cool art.

Little Foxwood headpiece

H&M blouse

DIY pants

Jeffrey Campbell shoes

Photos by Ryan Rose

DSC_0495 copy


DSC_0471 copy DSC_0475 copy DSC_0495 copy DSC_0476 copy DSC_0480 copy

Keeping it short and sweet today. Muted tones call for bright backdrops and windy days call for capes chopped up from old dresses.

Plus, my birthday is coming up next week and I have nothing planned. I don’t usually plan anything because I’m not the biggest party animal, so what’s left for a 21 year old to do if not get wasted and spend your birthday losing pieces of your weave and forcing down vodka shots?

H&M hat

ZeroUV sunnies

DIY cape

Photos by Marshall Heritage

Hair by Marco Da Ponte

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