A 4-Step Guide to Manifesting Success

Entrepreneur life is more or less scattered in a dozen different directions, but here’s a conversation worth having with yourself if you want to immediately take the first step towards success:

At a recent breakfast with Nectar Juciery, after everyone left and it was just the owner, Tori, and I; we talked about manifesting success and it was such an inspiring conversation, I had to pass it along.

Being an entrepreneur means there are many steps between you and your money as well as success; and recognizing the path to getting something done can help mentally organize you and identify exactly at what point you’re failing, so you know where to focus in your process.

If you haven’t already, I suggest you take the 16Personalities┬átest to gain insight on how you subconsciously approach things. As the Debater, my strengths lie in coming up with ideas and taking action, and I wasn’t even surprised when my weakness turned out to be forcing myself to focus so I could keeping track of those ideas and having the patience to turn them into something of value.

You can hear me talking about it in my latest weekly vlog here, but I’m also going to break down how to manifest success with a little step-by-step guide:

This is a guide that can be applied to most professional self-starting scenarios, like writing a song, creating a blog pitch, filming a YouTube video, recording a Podcast, etc.

The first step is creating the concept; what’s the topic, what do you want to write about? This is ground zero for what the rest of the steps will revolve around.

(for example, after watching my blog back, I was so inspired about the idea of manifesting success that I decided I wanted to write a blog post on it)

The second step is small, but it’s key; it’s about taking that additional step and committing to the idea by making it physical whether it’s by text, email, notebook or sticky note.

(for example, I wrote ‘blog post: guide to manifesting success’ on my to-do list)

The third step is turning the concept into something of value. You can’t email, ‘blogger collab – I use your product to do a cute summer hairstyle’ to a brand and expect to find success. It has to be fleshed out and developed into a pitch that is going to be considered valuable to all other parties involved. (read: how to successfully pitch a brand)

(for example, I created the above infographic to turn the concept of manifesting success into an easily digestible 4-step process)

The last step is about taking action and pushing that button that puts your idea out into the world.

Send. Publish. Upload.

For some, this requires one more step: the follow up. For others, congratulations, you’ve successfully taken yourself through the cycle towards success.

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