Big Bird Who?

Seriously coming for that title in this faux fur 🐥

I never notice when I’m standing out like a sore thumb anymore, I think I became immune to it years ago, tbh, so when someone pointed out like I was attracting a couple stares here and there, I decided to make the most of it and have a laugh at myself. When I went to a coffee shop later the same day, I told the barista my name, then corrected it with, “big bird” for my cup when he asked what he should write on the cup – too funny.

This marigold statement jacket from Revolve definitely cheers up my winter blues. It’s warm and enough of a statement piece that I throw it on over the basic foolproof uniform of a t-shirt and my favourite high-waisted jeans and I’m good to go!

Eaves jacket | Hanes x Karla tee | Old Navy jeans | Aldo boots | Louis Vuitton Lockme II BB | Aldo boots (similar here)