Just Add a Statement Blazer

When in doubt, wear red.


How to Know if A Risqué Colour Combo Works

If you went to Paris and didn’t take pictures at the Louvre, did you really go?

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Squamish born, Vancouver based


My Morning Ritual in Paris

Waking up to the sights and sounds of Paris


Visiting the Versace Mansion

It’s always a good day when you get to visit the Versace mansion.


A Vogue Moment in All-White

Exploring Milan, one presentation at a time.


Hair Goals at the Topshop Brunch

And a casual 7 strand dutch braid by the one and only

My Not-So-Clever Fashion Month Mistake

The pink vibes are alive and real.

My Most Papped Outfit of the Season!

The most hectic day so far (and my favourite outfit)

New York

Dodging New York Traffic in All-Grey

Photoshoots for breakfast, outfit changes for lunch and runway shows for dinner

New York

How to Wear Old Floral in a New Way

Wearing the florals from your grandma’s couch, but cooler.