Fashion Week Hair Diary

Specifically, the 3 products that kept my hair on lock


New Hair, Who Dis?

The best last minute decision I’ve made lately

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Summer Beauty Routine

San Diego

How to Take Care of Your Hair on Vacation

How I bring the moisture back into my bleached locks


Free Summer Hair in Canada w/ Chatters

Chatters is taking a roadtrip across Canada and they’ll be doing free summer hair along the way!


How to Get a Perfect Summer Glow

Easy tips and tricks to take you away from winter dullness and into summer glow realness

LUXE Summer Palette


Red, copper or chrome? A tutorial for all 3!

My Microblading Experience: A Comprehensive Guide

Let me walk you through the best way to do it.


The Next Hair Chapter

After 7 months of hair rehab, it’s time for the next step.

A Halloween Look: Circus Femme

A bit overdue, but look what Kelseyanna turned me into! An egotistical, manipulative woman of the circus who hides behind her mask and breaks hearts without thinking twice. She’s a woman of faux adoration and travel, you mean nothing more than the powder on my face. makeup by Kelseyanna Fitzpatrick…


IMATS 2014

      Having attended the Lady Gaga concert the night before, waking up at 730am for IMATS  wasn’t easy; but when the chance to model for a very talented individual is presented, you do what I did and drag your ass out of bed and try to remember you manners…


DIY Coffee Scrub

Remember when Instagram was buzzing with photos of nearly naked women with coffee slathered all over their bodies? The trail led to a new beauty product called Frank Body, which claims to get rid of dry skin and reduce cellulite and I was impressed, although not totally convinced because it was…