New Hair, Who Dis?

The best last minute decision I’ve made lately

San Diego

How to Take Care of Your Hair on Vacation

How I bring the moisture back into my bleached locks

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Squamish born, Vancouver based


Free Summer Hair in Canada w/ Chatters

Chatters is taking a roadtrip across Canada and they’ll be doing free summer hair along the way!


How to Get a Perfect Summer Glow

Easy tips and tricks to take you away from winter dullness and into summer glow realness


Red, copper or chrome? A tutorial for all 3!

My Microblading Experience: A Comprehensive Guide

Let me walk you through the best way to do it.


The Next Hair Chapter

After 7 months of hair rehab, it’s time for the next step.

A Halloween Look: Circus Femme

A bit overdue, but look what Kelseyanna turned me into! An egotistical, manipulative woman of the circus who hides behind her mask and breaks hearts without thinking twice. She’s a woman of faux adoration and travel, you mean nothing more…


IMATS 2014

      Having attended the Lady Gaga concert the night before, waking up at 730am for IMATS  wasn’t easy; but when the chance to model for a very talented individual is presented, you do what I did and drag your…


DIY Coffee Scrub

Remember when Instagram was buzzing with photos of nearly naked women with coffee slathered all over their bodies? The trail led to a new beauty product called Frank Body, which claims to get rid of dry skin and reduce cellulite and…


Trend or Takeover? | Culture Appropriation

Always a hot spot for fashion trends this year’s Coachella leaves us in a wake of cultural appropriation. Where is the line between appreciating another culture and appropriating it? And why are so many celebrities jumping over line in the sand? Although Coachella…