New York

Being Tourists in New York!

It was our last day in New York and we had to.


Mementos from Toronto

Where I stayed, what I did, where I ate and.. would I recommend it?

telling the story of a nouveau BBA graduate

Winter Beauty Picks

Las Vegas

Mementos from Las Vegas

A recap of our grand adventure.

Las Vegas

Honest Tips for Visiting Seven Magic Mountains

I went, I had a great time, but I made some mistakes..

San Diego

How we Spent Our Coronado Marriott Girls Day

Tacos, margaritas and bike rides = dream day

LUXE Winter Picks

The Best Packing Tips for a Europe Trip

Another trip, another arsenal of tips and tricks to test (and share!)

Into Universal Studios’ Europe

Into a little slice of heaven..


46 Maui Hours

If you had 46 hours to spend in Maui, what would you do? This is what we did


We Went to A Volcano!

With 11 hours left until our flight, we experienced the struggle of finding Hawaiian coffee, visted the largest banyan tree in North America and decided on a last minute to the Haleakala volcano.. that almost cost us the return flight home! This is episode 3 of 3. See the first…


A Monsoon Ruined our Photoshoot!

When you’re on a tight timeline and things don’t run smoothly, you’ve got to think quickly. This is episode 2 of 3. See the first video here and watch us almost miss our flight! #TRAVELLIKELUXE


Getting Lost in Maui

And ending up on the top of  the Haleakalā volcano