How to Dress for the Dunes


It’s not as easy as you think.


I’ve never been to any sort of dune before, in Canada they’re a lot colder and called ‘mountains’, so when I heard we were trekking out to the Kelso Dunes, I thought I had the dress code down pat.

I was wrong.

What I wore: breezy pants, sandals, tank top and a hat.

What I left wearing: My bikini. Barefoot.


First off, the dunes are basically desert and it’s going to be hotter than Channing Tatum in Magic Mike (or his wife in the spoof) so you better be SPFing the crap out of your skin. I suggest bringing a bikini to hike in once you realize ‘dressing smart’ isn’t all that smart and a cute updo will save you from neck sweat.

Lastly, whatever sized bottle of water you were planning on bringing – bring double.


Sundress dress (I suggest snapping these up quick, they’re selling out like crazy!)

Photos by Ron Khy