How to Travel for School


Setting the record straight and the second travel opportunity (for school)


Since disclosing my decision to apply for both the London and Hungary field school trips through my school at Capilano University (on Instagram stories, haha), I’ve gotten a tremendous amount of support that I’m beyond grateful for; but also a lot of questions because I was also approved for a self-directed study in London, all of which have been overlapping so I’m going to break it down.

October 20th – Attended meeting with Charlene Hill,  head of the Business Administration program to pitch the concept of travelling to London and Paris Fashion Week with Wardrobe Apparel as their Marketing Manager and Junior Buyer. It was approved on the spot. (More details on how I pulled it off here)

October 22nd – Applied for the London and Hungary Field School trips.

November 1st – Did the London Field School interview.

November 8th – Did the Hungary Field School interview.

November 10th – Received an email offering me a spot on the Hungary Field School trip.

November 14th – Received an email offering me a spot on the London Field School trip.

The Hungary and London Field School trips are offered through the university, where we go for 12 days and conduct research on a custom project of our choice (I’m still deciding) and it’s honestly something I wish I had done way sooner, but it’ll be an amazing way to end my last year and take some courses that I’m actually passionate about.

So as of now, I’ve been approved for the self-directed study course (fashion week) and have been accepted into both the London and Hungary Field School trips. Of course, I still have to register for the courses officially and submit my grant application (Hungary/ London Field School) and pay the deposit, etc. etc. but fine details aside, this is happening! soon as I pick between Hungary and London because I can only attend 1.

Which one should I go to? I’ve never been to Hungary, but London overlaps with fashion week and would place me in Europe for a month.

Comment below!

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