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Dirty, rotten and up to no good, it’s loud and clear what my intentions are; but my batting eyelashes say otherwise. Caution comes with every female, but be wary of the ones wearing platform heels – apart from looking fabulous, they double as heart-crushing hammers; and I can bring my foot down pretty fast, so don’t tempt me. When all is said and done, you can find me capturing light from the sun in perfect circles; floating around as dainty as I am, trying not to get popped.


Officially the first Canadian in the #cruellacru, I was eager for the quest of bringing a feminine look to this unique streetstyle brand. Bearing logo tees done right and a trendy top with sassy text, Cruella Co. sure knows how to peak your interest and wonder what else is coming; and believe me, there’s more coming!

I recently spoke about Cruella Co. in my interview with Van Vantage Magazine, when they asked what my favorite tee was. I said, “this oversized tee that says, “Dirty, Rotten, Up To No Good” by . I don’t like wearing pants so it’s perfect for rocking with tights, shorts or leggings and it’s got the attitude up front, where I like it.

Everyone is loved in the CRU and I couldn’t feel more at home after collaborating with the artist behind it all. Stay tuned for Fall, cause that’s when we’re gonna hit big!

All hail Cruella.

CRUELLA LOGO TEE // cruella co.

DIRTY, ROTTEN TEE // cruella co.

photography by Ming Lin

sponsored by CRUELLA CO.