Lady in a Gentlemens Club


One look at Kent Street Apparel and it’s evident they’re a total gentlemens club.

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One look at Kent Street Apparel and its evident they’re a total gentlemens club.

However, that didn’t stop them from allowing a lady into their charming circle, with an invitation in the form of a cheeky umbrella perfectly suited for any sort of weather you’d like to keep from falling on your head/ outfit/ significant other.

I’ve had my fair share of umbrellas, but this is the first time I’ve felt classy just holding one and I think it’s definitely a combination of the slick wooden handle and the sturdy material it’s made of. Plus the description en français that mimics your exact thoughts when the first drops begin to fall, “shit, it’s raining,” adds a little tongue in cheek to help get ya through the days until the sun reappears.

With the added feature of color coordinating with the red, rainy days aren’t so bad anymore.

— PS! use the code “jessicaluxe” to get a free umbrella! Limit of 5 codes available! —

c/o Kent Street Apparel umbrella

Photos by Thomas Bullock