My Most Papped Outfit of the Season!

The most hectic day so far (and my favourite outfit)

It was the best day and the worst day.

We flew in from New York, landing at midnight and not getting to our flat until 3am, but it turns out check-in wasn’t until 11am the next day so luckily our AirBnb host had a 2nd flat to rent to us, so all 4 of us girls crammed into a 400~ square foot bachelors apartment for the night.

After what felt like blinking my eyes, I was awake and it was time to get ready. I pulled this look from my suitcase, which I had luckily planned in advance (huge fashion week key) and went to the Fyodor Golan show via Uber, which I’m so glad I took because a bomb had gone off on the trains 20 mins from where we were staying. It’s very disturbing and fucked up to think about and while I took an Uber home after the show, I spoke to the driver who shrugged his shoulders about the incident and said they were rare. I wonder what rare means to him, is a week without an attack rare now? It’s something to think about. We should be moving away from a world of violence, not catapulting into a normalized society of perpetual danger and fearing for your life.

On the positive side, I woke up the next day to my first bit of international coverage ever, on Popsugar, Elle Polska and Elle UK; so that was exciting.

H&M top | Fyodor Golan skirt via Wardrobe Apparel | Louis Vuitton bag | Zara boots