Hair Goals at the Topshop Brunch

And a casual 7 strand dutch braid by the one and onlyJoël.

The #1 problem during fashion month is forgetting to eat, so I’m grateful for days like today when at least one of the events I go to in a day involves getting fed. We started off at the Topshop Brunch, hosted by The Apartment; and with the #2 problem of fashion month being getting around, The Apartment hooked me up with Georgi to take me to my meetings and shows for the day.

Another day, another coordinated outfit. With this beautiful white silky dress as an easy base, I added a pair of super sparkly shoes and matched my hair to this pink jacket and finished it off with my ride or die nude Gucci bag. The shoes were the main point of this look and I wanted them to shine, literally and figuratively, so I kept all the other pieces of this look muted and complimentary to the shoe situation, because these ones deserve their own stage.

Also, my time is London is super short this season and we’re already heading to Milan tomorrow, so I’ll see you there! ❤️