Mementos from New Orleans


I didn’t just visit, I lived

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If you visit New Orleans, you eat like they do, drink like they do and live like they do; and I did.

Mornings were oatmeal, eggs, bacon and a biscuit. Lunch was jambalaya and dinner was any seafood you could dream of; and dessert? Beignets and a café au lait.

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If you visit New Orleans, you must wander through the French Quarter and walk down Bourbon Street. You must duck into a street restaurant and enjoy New Orleans food on a second floor patio while listening to street jazz bands play below. You must ride a mule-drawn carriage and visit Café du Monde. Eatred beans and rice, jambalaya, gumbo, crawfish fritters and beignets.

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Wear color, go out at night; weave through the night markets, visit the WW2 museum, ride the tram.. the list goes on, but in short – be a tourist, but do as the locals do.

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As soon as I landed 2 days ago, I was already plotting my next adventure. Where do you want me to explore to next? Leave me suggestions in the comments!

  • New Orleans looks unreal! Now I want to go… that poodle is so pink, how is that possible?! And daaaamn, that sounds like a very filling daily menu 🙂

    • It was so much fun, and dude, I don’t even know! Hoepfully harmless dye, haha, but so typical to see on the street. And yeah.. I definitely made the most of every day in <3

    • Jessica Luxe

      Hahah you must go if you can one day! The culture is so welcoming and homey. The poodle.. I have no idea, hopefully harmless dye! And not even the craziest thing I saw when I was there!

  • Love the pics! It looks and sounds like you had a wonderful time there. I have heard such great things about the place, the food and the jazz but have never visited. So want to wander through the French Quarter and walk down Bourbon Street…Hahaha, maybe some day! x

    • Jessica Luxe

      I’d love to go back one day for sure. The jazz is everywhere, people just set up on the streets and play for everyone, it’s so magical. The food is amazing, very salty, but delicious otherwise. Definitely a must visit if you ever get the chance.