How to Minimize Summer Squinting

If you buy 1 pair of sunglasses this summer, make sure they are 1 thing: polarized

From the 24th floor to ground level, I love city views; especially when the sunshine is out and my skin is feeling sunkissed and glowy.  It’s a double-edged sword though, because with beautiful sunshine comes the 1 thing anyone who doesn’t want premature crows feet fears: squinting.

If you’re taking care of your eyes at home with nightly eye cream, raise ya hand 🙋🏼

If you’re taking care of your eyes during the day with the right sunglasses, raise ya hand 🙆🏼

Ok, ok. Why do one when you can do both? It’s an easy change and you probably already own a pair of these and didn’t even know it: polarized sunglasses.

Maui Jim sent me these Cook Pines frames in ‘rose gold’ I picked out to take on a test run during a standard day in the city and here’s what I noticed:

  • Colours were sharper 🔍
  • No glare = no squinting!
  • More details to appreciate in the scenery (also thanks to no glare)

and one thing I didn’t notice, but I like knowing is there: total UVA/UVB ray protection (which causes aging and sun burns – no thank youuuu!) Literally seeing the difference and knowing what effects sun/ sun glare can have on my skin has me going through a mini sunglasses purge to get rid of all the sunglasses hiding in my closet tryna lowkey sabotage me.

In the future, I’ll be bringing these polarized baddies with me everywhere sun glare appears (it’s the worst near the water) because the last thing I want to worry about is doing damage to my favourite sense when I’m trying to enjoy the others during the summertime.

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