Modern Vandal

A 1-224-2 30-222-2 4-221-2

1/3 look for The Little Foxwood // An unsuspecting vandal, she climbs over fences in her heeled boots for her art. Pulling the fence up for the rest of the team, they walk freely past the ‘No Trespassing’ sign and set up their temporary studio in broad daylight. Nobody ever had the chance to create amazing things by following the rules and as long as you always have a way out, you can do anything.


RINGS // the little foxwood

CROP TOP // blackmilkclothing

DISCO PANTS // american apparel

BOOTIES  // army & navy

Photos by Tika Michelle

Sponsored by The Little Foxwood

  • awesome outfit! I love your top. It looks really great with theese pants and jewellery

  • I’ve always really liked your style. This look just solidifies it for me! You’ve got something amazing going on!