New Year, Same Me

but slightly better.. here’s why.

While I won’t be making resolutions this year (this is why) I will be reflecting on another 365 days come and gone, and taking some key lessons with me into 2018. Honestly, it was a bittersweet year; at this point in my life, there were a few instances I didn’t think I’d find myself in again, but we live and learn.. even if it takes a couple tries.

  • Your roots won’t allow you to grow if they’re planted in bad soil.
  • The balance between being vulnerable and giving yourself away is worth learning. Not everyone deserves your energy.
  • The path to happiness in every aspect of your life is the hardest, but most worthwhile route you will ever take.
  • If the Instagram Algorithm has taught us anything, it’s to post for ourselves, not for our audience.
  • Quality > quantity.
  • You can never grow if the comfort zone becomes your home.
  • The struggle is part of the story.
  • Before you take the easy way out, ask yourself how you want to tell your story in a year and then ask yourself if you’ll be proud to tell the story of your next decision.

This year, give yourself permission to shed who you used to be and start over; you’re allowed to find new ways to bloom into your best self.

Happy New Year!