Not Your Average Tracksuit

Showing you the alternative to velour that you’ll probably like a lot more

When velour was a hit back in the 2000s, I remember they were huge with the girls in my class (and the guys.. who took to pantsing the girls whose drawstrings weren’t tied tight enough. Yikes.)

Fast forward to today, maybe it’s the trauma, but whereas velour tracksuits aren’t my thing (for now) I was very drawn a different version, the denim tracksuit, for a few reasons:

  1. It’s structured. You actually have shoulders and the overall look comes off very polished with a pair of heels, but would look equally as structured with sneakers or booties.
  2. The details. The thick stripe down the arm and leg totally slim your entire body and creates a visually appealing contrast, especially when you flip the cuff on the wrists and ankles for an extra touch of personalization in the details.
  3. The colourway. I happen to be really into denim at the moment, and I think we can all agree that not much beats the failsafe combo of dark wash denim matched with crisp white.

This comes at a perfect time because I’m feel a little underwhelmed by the denim market at the moment – everything is different variations of the same thing and I’m feeling the need to switch it up in a major way. The best part is that this denim tracksuit is such a standout piece on its own, I didn’t feel the need to go overboard with necklaces/scarves/earrings – a simple white tank and a nude pair of heels is all this looks needs – and I’m here for  the clean lines and uncomplicated accessorizing.

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