What a Full Day at Fashion Week Looks Like

Presentations for breakfast and fashion shows for dinner.

New York Fashion Week day 3 started in Lower Manhattan at the World Trade Center for the Club Monaco presentation. I’ve been noticing a lot of mid 00s trends creeping back into style lately, leggings under pants and dresses over blouses.. they’re very similar to outfits I used to wear as a teenager and cringe thinking about now.

Fortunately, the difference between now and that is that I find the trends that come back around are always done a little bit better than they were before.

After a quick shoot outside and a meeting in Brooklyn, it was time to head to the hub of it all, Skylight Clark Square, for the Concept Korea show.

Featuring 2 designer collections, Greedilous and LIE, they both featured strong design elements, a retro influence and plenty of colour!

If you haven’t already check out yesterdays recap and stay ‘tuned for tomorrows!