So I did a little shopping on eBay recently and all my stuff finally arrived!
I feel like buying stuff off eBay is like.. vintage shopping mixed with thrifting.. except you have to pay shipping and that sucks. Otherwise, you can find some great deals and as a student, I’m all about the great deals. This was my first time buying clothing off of eBay (front 3 different sellers) and here is what I bought!

First, my spiked loafers/self defense weapon:
I bought them off eBay (Shoes19) about a week ago and I really like them. I was worried about the quality since I paid under $50 for them, but the studs seem really secure even though I’ve already knocked them against walls and tripped in them.. as usual. The shoe definitely needs some breaking in before you can wear it barefoot, but a thin sock or even some band-aids on the heel make them wearable for a few hours at least.
I like that the spikes are isolated to the front of the shoe, it’s more of a wow-factor for me and spikes all over would mean more worrying when it comes to walking in them.
I feel like I’m a little late to the stud/spike fad, but these shoes are still awesome and remind me of red spiny shells on Mario Kart.

Second, my Aladdin-esque vest:

I found this H&M vest on eBay for under $10 and it’s so cute. It provides an Arabian vibe to my outfits with it’s gold and black coloring and sparkly look.
The weather’s been getting a lot nicer here in BC, so I decided I needed some more vests to play with, as I only had 2! I wish this vest was more fitted, but I’m growing to love its’ drapey look.

And last, a pale pink blazer:

I’m not really a blazer person, but I’ve developed a recent lust over them.
Before I get into it, I have a story! So after seeing this blazer on eBay (paired with a really cute pink/gold scarf) I added it to my watch list because I’m not a pink person, but I liked the cut. Starting bid was $0.99 so when I noticed that during the last hours, nobody had bid on it.. I put down some money and actually ended up being the only bidder and won it.. for 99 cents!
Definitely my best experience with eBay thus far and after getting it, I didn’t mind the pale pink so much and decided that it actually compliments my skin tone and would be a great addition to my closet. I feel sort of like a mix of stylish business woman and British royalty when I wear it, haha,