05/07/2012 // Golden Dusk 05/07/2012 // Golden Dusk

Wandering down the empty streets at midnight, there’s nobody around for miles. Peaceful and dimly lit, she practices her catwalk down the center line. Not a toe out of place. At night, the town is hers. At night.. she’s perfect.

COLLAR // consignment

TANK TOP // sirens

SHORTS // forever21

PURSE // aldo

WEDGES // american eagle


2297028_4fe187e19d29c9188a000011 20/06/2012 // Tiger Tunic 20/06/2012 // Tiger Tunic 20/06/2012 // Tiger Tunic

You’ll miss me if you blink twice. Tigress moving too fast to linger. You give her a year tops to commit to anything, before the twitch of a potential change catches her attention and she’s off again. Chasing the small distraction that pushes to the front of her attention span, promising it’s more important than anything else. She believes it, too. C’est la vie.

VEST // urban planet
TUNIC // thailand
BELT // consignment
LEGGINGS // sirens
BOOTS // consignment

Now that I have 10 outfits on Lookbook and it’s starting to become more of an interest, I’ve decided to create a blog that I can redirect people to instead of my personal Tumblr.

So. Welcome! First thing I’ll be doing is uploading past Lookbook ventures as well as ‘the making of’ photos or whatever you want to call them.

To me, fashion is all about experimenting and pushing the limits. It’s fun, so have some fun with me and I hope you enjoy my blog!