Silk Cami / Frayed Denim

And a little shadow play

Coming off the high of graduation day, everyone has been telling me to take some time off, but I feel more invigorated to work than ever! Still, I don’t want to burn out so I’ve been looking up flights so I can continue the hustle while recharging the soul somewhere hot.

San Diego, Bali, Miami, Mexico.. where should I go? The only requirement is that it’s hot and I can live in a bikini. Maybe I’ll spin a globe and fly to wherever my finger lands; after all, 5.5 years of quickie weekend campaign trips, writing blog posts in class, doing photoshoots when I should’ve been studying and making my blog the center of all my class projects is over and I feel like going somewhere I’ve never been before.

Ray-Ban sunnies | Forever21 choker | DIY tank | Dynamite skirt | Saint Laurent laceups (similar here)