Swept up in New Orleans


3 flights and 14 hours later..


.. and I was stepping foot off the plane and into the historical land of Nawlins.

Culture isn’t something you can understand until you’re in the throws of it and that’s what creates wisdom and understanding of the world’s perspectives; you won’t know where you belong in the world until you travel to the limits and this time, it was the far South.

With humid air, seafood on every corner and all the fried food you could dream of, New Orleans welcomed me, my heart and my stomach with open arms.

Struggling poets, pop-up jazz bands and people blowing bubbles in the street just for fun. That’s what I absorbed¬†about the NOLA culture on day 1. To go out on a limb, take what drives you and do whatever it takes to turn that dream into something tangible, no matter what.

DSCF2847-2 DSCF2836-2

Athena Procopiou kimono | Gadea boot

  • I love New Orleans! I love the people’s spirit there. They are really welcoming and you’re right you can feel it straightaway. Great city, great outfit!

    Jo | http://www.cutandchic.com

    • The Southern hospitality is real out there, haha, thank you!

    • Jessica Luxe

      Thanks Jo, I totally agree, the Southern hospitality is so sweet!