Ultimate Cheatcodes to Dîner en Blanc

All smiles, a surprise boat trip and all my favorite people at this years #DEBVAN2016

How to Nail the Travel Chic Look Every Time

There’s a fine line, and I’ll tell you how to nail it every time.

telling the story of a nouveau BBA graduate

Winter Beauty Picks


3 Tips on Rocking a Oversized Jacket

It’s easy to let the jacket take over, so here are 3 tips to making it work.


Last Minute NYE Looks

Easy to throw on for a party, and something you probably already own.

LUXE Winter Picks

University of British Columbia

White Lie

The color isn’t just fading from my hair. It’s fading from my nails, clothes, and skin ( I can’t keep a tan to save my life!) but the rest of my world is on fast-forward, so here’s a little update..