East Vancouver

Delightful White

Vancouver has officially gone into heatwave mode, so it looks like I’ll be saying goodbye to pants (finally)

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Summer Beauty Routine

Whytecliffe Park

Meet Me Under the Barren Tree

Are you guys still into matching sets? I am.



A cropped white button down over white overalls with a white puff. Doesn’t get crispier than that.

LUXE Summer Palette


Mi Casa, Su Casa

If you bring the flowers and the wine, mi casa, su casa. Sunsets on the seabus roof before boating across the water to Eco Fashion Week. I swear it’s by accident, but there’s definitely more than a few shades of blue going on, namely this fantastic Zoe Jordan blazer whose…


Isn’t That a Skirt?

My new philosophy is, “if you can’t wear it as intended, create new intention.”


R a i n y D a z e

Rainy daze. Welcome to Vancouver, where we specialize in making the best out of the the worst weather. Here, a cute umbrella is just as necessary as badass shoes, cause who wants to cover up your new outfit with a rainjacket? With a matcha latte in one hand, the remaining…