Hair Goals at the Topshop Brunch

And a casual 7 strand dutch braid by the one and only


New Hair, Who Dis?

The best last minute decision I’ve made lately

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Squamish born, Vancouver based

Summer Beauty Routine


The Last Moments with my Pink Hair

These kinds of goodbyes are so hard!


The Power Jumpsuit

You know when you put aside an item of clothing for a special occasion because it’s too good to wear just anywhere?┬áThis is that item and this is it’s story!


A 4-Step Guide to Manifesting Success

Entrepreneur life is more or less scattered in a dozen different directions, but here’s a conversation worth having with yourself if you want to immediately take the first step towards success:

LUXE Summer Palette


Dynamite A/W Preview

On one of the hottest Vancouver summer days


Denim on Denim

The city slicker version


Matching Set Season

Back in Vancouver for a minute and


How to Minimize Summer Squinting

If you buy 1 pair of sunglasses this summer, make sure they are 1 thing: polarized


Faux Summertime

We’re well into the middle of Winter, but if Mother Nature is down, we can always pretend it’s summertime. On this day, I woke up to find my Twitter newsfeed filled with tweets about New York’s ‘snowmageddon’ and it’s like Vancouver went into some deep denial about winter expectations and…


Make a Splash

Rainy days, they come, they go. Rainy days, they come, they go, but don’t don’t let that be a reason not to make a splash. Rainy days can affect me 2 ways: I either take the gloominess to heart and wear it on my sleeve, or I’m dying to contrast…