San Diego

How we Spent Our Coronado Marriott Girls Day

Tacos, margaritas and bike rides = dream day

46 Maui Hours

If you had 46 hours to spend in Maui, what would you do? This is what we did

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We Went to A Volcano!

With 11 hours left until our flight, we experienced the struggle of finding Hawaiian coffee, visted the largest banyan tree in North America and decided on a last minute to the Haleakala volcano.. that almost cost us the return flight…

The Cliffs of Maui

Based on a true story

Mementos from New Orleans

I didn’t just visit, I lived

Los Angeles

Mementos from Los Angeles

And the top 9 (non-touristy) spots I recommend you visit

Quebec City

Mementos from Quebec

Treat yourself. Not just to material possessions, but to experiences, scenery and life at its finest.


Your New Packing Bible (Summer Edition)

Hands up if you need to bring everything with you when you’re packing. My hand is up. So here are a few key secrets to a successful suitcase:


Mementos from Paris II

Time for a last 24 hours in Paris and we’ll be working until the last minute.


Mementos from Paris

It started with an early morning at the Tranoi showrooms.


Day to Night in Paris

After arriving in Paris in the afternoon, we have one thing on our minds: the Louvre.