Talking Change. Big Change.


Nothing like a little time in the studio to reflect.

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Change is easy to talk about. We love it, we hate it, but it’s inevitable regardless of how much we try and keep it at bay; but when change is in front of you like a big scary hill that you’re deciding whether or not to climb, its presence becomes a little difficult to bear.

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At present, I hold 5 job titles.


Freelance Social Media Manager.

Fashion blogger.


Bank teller.

It’s complex, it’s crazy and being spread thin is an understatement.

I told myself 2016 was going to be a year of consolidating and concentrating my energy on what fulfills me, so I made the first move last week and made the hard decision to leave my job at the bank to make more time for my clients & school (which I’m set to finish with a degree next year if all goes according to plan).

So right now the hill has appeared and damn it, I’m gonna climb because I’m not one to sit around and wonder, “what if?”

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  • Congrats! It’s so hard to take the first step but so worth it. Best of luck to you!!

    • Jessica Luxe

      It’s definitely not easy, but I’m so excited to get my ass in gear with my newfound opportunity! <3 <3

  • Good for you! Taking chances is the biggest step to personal growth. I left my career in law to become a flight attendant and never looked back with any regret! xo

    • Jessica Luxe

      OMG that’s such a huge change, but you’re so right, steps towards personal growth are worth more than any job. <3 All the best to your amazing new career!