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with Robson Street

 The blogging world can look like a wonderful place. Sponsored clothing, trips around the world and invitations to exclusive events are some of the best perks, but I’m always interested in the blogger behind the Instagram posts. Where did they come from, how did that start, what advice do they have for others?

Every so often I’ll take what I’ve learned after 4 years of blogging and turn it into a post, like The Short Survival Guide to Fashion Week, Free Ways to Switch Up Your Style, 5 Tips for Beginner Fashion Bloggers and 5 Blogging Rules to Break Right Now, but I’ve recently dished my journey while Robson Street followed me through a typical day in my life.

We covered how I rebelled againt my parents to find my style, the reason why I get up every day at 6:30am and how I first started out, 40 miles away from where I now call home.

I don’t hold back, so have a read.

In partnership with Robson Street

  • Going to read the post ‘5Tips for beginner Fashion Bloggers!’ 😀

    • Jessica Luxe

      It’s all advice I still stand by very strongly! I hope you find value in it. 🙂

  • I really enjoyed reading all of your tips, especially the free ways to switch up your style! I’m ready to get my creative d.i.y. juices flowing!

    xo, Jo |

    • Jessica Luxe

      Thank you, Jo! I’m always thinking of ways I can freshen up my closet without shopping, don’t be afraid to use your scissors!