How to Wear Intimates as Outimates

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3… (seriously)

It really is as easy as counting to 3 so let’s get started.

Wearing innerwear outside is a clothing kink of mine, if you will. Bustiers as tops, bras over shirts, corsets layered into a look; the list is endless, not to mention wearing pajamas out of the house with a pair of heels, which I haven’t tackled yet, but it’s on the to-do list! It’s a styling trick that is empowering to me and I love blurring the line and making something that could be considered outlandish, to be wearable. Today, we’re talking about the lace slip.

So how do you wear a lace slip in the daylight?

(1) Layer something underneath it. Whether it’s jeans on the bottom or a knit up top (or both?), the goal is to bring an element of casual to the ‘fit.

(2) When it comes to jackets, opposites attract. A silky slip calls for an edgy puffer jacket or a long felt duster.

(3) Keep the accessories minimal. A single gold pendant and a pair of hoop earrings are my go-to for this kind of look, and it makes the overall aesthetic very feminine.

ps, this look also works well in the evening. Switch up the jacket to something a little more elegant and you’re set!

Would you dare to dry this trend?