What’s Keeping Me from Living my Best Life

New vlog, new shoes and living my best life

New shoes, new me. At least that’s what it feels like sometimes. Ordered these cheap fluffy slides off a sketchy website (as we do)  few weeks ago and as you would’ve seen in this vlog, they finally arrived! Not only are they fluffy, but the soles are fluffy too; I think they’re actually meant to be house slippers, but I honestly couldn’t care less.

Speaking of things I could care more about, let’s talk about self-love and the tranquility of putting yourself first and not letting toxicity effect your everyday life. Living your best life is a choice; if you can get out of bed in the morning, then you’re in control of your choices and there’s no reason you can’t take steps to becoming your best self.

My personal struggle is dealing with success. Growing as a blogger, a business student and an entrepreneur at the same time it becomes a constant cycle of proving yourself, perfecting your process and chasing as many opportunities as you can because I have dreams for the life I want and the story I want to tell.

I’ll admit, I became skilled at getting rejected; it didn’t bother me anymore and I started to expect it. I would do my research, write the proposals, send a fantastic email, get rejected and do it all over again. It became the thrill of the chase. The resistance happens when I succeed, when I get that email response that says they loved my idea, and what do I do? I avoid it. For days.

My personal solution for that struggle is setting a routine for myself. Lately, I’ve been getting up early and starting my day with a 15 minute walk to and from Starbucks to get a coffee to get my body moving (I sound like my mom, but it’s a good mindset to be in). I put my phone face down beside me (or away) to eliminate distractions and destructive coping behaviours and I minimize all the tabs on my laptop except for the Mail app. It make it fullscreen, sort by emails unread and start to answer them. I’m realizing as I write this all out that it sounds like a complex process, but understand that to develop new habits, you need to understand the steps that go into creating one successfully.

We all have little ‘traps’ that we let ourselves fall into and though it takes time, it’s up to us to be accountable for our actions, recognize what is keeping us from achieving our daily goals and make steps to become the person we want to be. If you take anything away from this post, I hope it’s the interest to constructively criticize yourself and be honest with what you want to achieve and what is keeping you from getting there.

Maui Jim sunglasses | Dynamite top (similar here) | Zara pants | No brand fluffy sandals (similar here and here)

  • Seriously dying over your slippers & bag! & who cares if they’re house slippers? haha The amount of times I wear loungewear or ‘house’ items out sneakily… Love the whole outfit!

    TFM Life & Style blog

  • This was such an interesting post! I really like how you talk about becoming skilled at being rejected; I genuinely feel as though it IS a skill, because it enables you to become more resilient over time, and chase things without that overriding element of fear. On a different note, LOVING this look – the khaki/black mix is flawless!

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice x

  • Olga Federico

    You look amazing!Love this outfit:-)