3 Tips on Rocking a Oversized Jacket


It's easy to let the jacket take over, so here are 3 tips to making it work.


Pay Attention to Layers

What  you wear underneath matters as much as what you wear on top. I talked about the perfect formula for layering in this post, and I'll say it again. Always go thin to thick so you can create elegance in layers (and not look like an overstuffed pepper).


Don't Compete With the Coat

Finding peace with a bulky jacket can be complicated - but not impossible. Accentuate with compliment or contrast colors, plus an updo with a smaller bag or clutch pairs well to balance out the silhouette.


Keep the Look in Check

Since the coat is the centerpiece, keep the rest of your look in check. An oversized jacket looks best when the rest of the look is fitted; this way each layer is doing you justice and the result is flawless.

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Style Moi jacket | Expressions sweater | XXI jeans | Unknown brand booties

Thomas Bullock photography