46 Maui Hours


If you had 46 hours to spend in Maui, what would you do?

This is what we did


Hour 1: Landed in Maui at 9pm, see the first moments here 


Hour 9: Woke up at 5am for the first photoshoot for Laudem Deo


Hour 11: Drove North to shoot at the blowhole. Right before we got out of the car, a monsoon started.

Hour 11.5: Tried to wait out the storm and after watching other tourists get soaked, we gave up and started driving South.

Hour 12: Found this (dry) cliff location for the second shoot of the day.


Hour 14: Stopped at Starbucks (have to have my iced matcha latté) for a quick pitstop and edit session so I would have content for Instagram.

Hour 15: Continued driving to the South side of the island and came across this private beach that had the coolest tree. Hang out on a branch that overlooks the waves coming in? Yes please.

Hour 16: Shortly after we finished shooting, I went swimming and bodysurfed too hard to shore. Gave myself sandburn. Posted it on Snapchat. See it here.


Hour 18: Late lunches in Old Lahaina. Tried to find a coconut, and failed.

Hour 23: Went to the supermarket for dinner. Remembered that America measures in pounds of food, so confusion followed. Then remembered that America sells sells alcohol in the supermarket, and happiness followed.


Hour 31: Up early to shoot a summer campaign for RITAS (the lime is my fav). Strategically stood to hide the sandburn.

Hour 32: Packed up and checked out of the hotel.

20160717-_MG_996820160717-_MG_0576 20160717-_MG_0589

Hour 33: Back in Old Lahaina to try and find authentic Hawaiian coffee. Surprisingly, this is as hard as trying to find a coconut.

Hour 33.5: We finally find 'Maui Island Coffee' down an alley and some stairs. We order Peabody coffee and asked to get it iced. The lady says nobody has ever asked for it iced before. We feel ignorant and drink it hot, even though it's 35 degrees out. #culture


Hour 34: We visited the largest Banyan tree in North America. It's pretty cool. The branches grow underground, then come up to connect to the tree.

20160717-_MG_0645 20160717-_MG_0651

Hour 37: Drove up the Haleakala volcano (watch the drive here) through sun, rain (where we picked up a hitchhiker, but that's another story) and ended up at the top; 10,023 feet above sea level. I was dressed responsibly because it was actually quite cold.

Hour 38: Shed the responsible outfit and when the tourists weren't looking, shot this.


Hour 39: Pausing to soak in the view on the way down from the volcano.


Hour 41: Simultaneously found a coconut, then decided I didn't like coconut, but drank it anyway.


Hour 43: Raced to drop off our rental car and had to repack the suitcases we had torn apart throughout the day in the parking lot.

Hour 44: Joined the longest line we had even seen at the airport to go through security. The statement necklaces in my suitcase raised suspicions and I was pulled aside to have my bag searched. I repacked for the 3rd time that day.

Hour 46: We got to our gate and nearly passed out. After a wild 46 hours, we made it.

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