Blue Earrings + Blue Shirt + Blue Shorts

Blue Earrings + Blue Shirt + Blue Shorts

And for one of the first times.. sneakers!

Hello from Toronto!

After Vegas, I flew back to Vancouver for less than 24 hours to celebrate my dads birthday, then it was right back on the plane with my mom because I'm taking her to Toronto! My parents' birthdays are 10 days apart, which can be a blessing or a curse depending on the year. This year, a total blessing that I was able to see my dad and then whisk my momma off on a little pre-birthday trip.

Our hotel is a short walk from central Toronto, and my mom and I love to walk, so I picked up these cute sneakers (on sale!) from Aldo before I flew out and they aren't your average sneakers if you notice the ribbons, which I thought was such a fun take on laces. The rest of the monochromatic look is in various shades of blue, there's something so chic about a fully matching look, whatever the occasion, even if you're just walking around a new city!