How we Spent Our Coronado Marriott Girls Day

How we Spent Our Coronado Marriott Girls Day

Tacos, margaritas and bike rides = dream day

8am: Get dressed in a swimsuit and head down to the lobby. Grab a coffee from the Starbucks bar and head to the pool. The earlier the better, so we have it all to ourselves!

10am: It's time for breakfast and the outdoor restaurant is easily accessible right beside the pool. 3 tacos, please! I'll have chicken, pork and fish.

11am: Head back up to the room for a quick change, then it's over to the Coronado Marriott wellness facility to rent bikes. It's free for guests to rent bikes for 1.5 hours a day, so it's time to do some exploring with my girls.

Destination: Coronado beach.

12pm: As soon as we leave the resort, there are visible signs for a bike path along the seawall, so we take that route and follow the signs to Coronado beach. The bikes lanes are quite spacious and the views are amazing the entire way.


12:20pm: 20 minutes later and we've arrived on the other side of the island, that was easy!  The beach is bike-friendly with a wide boardwalk and lots of spaces to lock the bikes up - which we did so we could venture down to the ocean. Girls just wanna have sun.

2pm: We ended up going over the 1.5hour free limit, but it was worth paying an extra few dollars to explore the island via bike. Back at the Coronado Marriott resort, the Sand Bar usually opens around 11am/12pm and after such a long bike ride, it was time for some margaritaaaaas! 

3:30pm: I'll be honest, by this time, a girls needs a nap. We return to our rooms where the beds have been freshly made, complimentary water bottles have been restocked (key feature) and the curtains are moving with the soft island breeze. Zzzzz...

5:30pm: Waking up feeling refreshed, it's time for dinner. There's a table in the middle of the outdoor restaurant we would have dinner and cocktails most nights. In the center is a dreamy fire pit that would keep up warm as the sun went down as we chatted, laughed and ate our tacos (what else?)

7pm: Another round for my girls!