Ultimate Cheatcodes to Dîner en Blanc

All smiles, a surprise boat trip and all my favorite people at this years #DEBVAN2016

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It's only my 2nd year attending, but I already feel like a pro. Last year I was reading and re-reading the emails sent out by my table leader to make sure I stayed within the guidelines, but this year I was feeling confident about how everything would go down. You have to know the rules to work them to your advantage, right?

A couple things to note if you plan on going in the future:

1. Stick to the dress code. The reason Dîner is so elegant and special is because everyone makes that little bit of effort to dress in the same shade and the results are so so stunning, trust me.

2. The exceptions: metallics and nudes are allowed for accessories, so accessorize wisely.

3. Split dinner with your table. It saves on costs and carrying. This year, my table went in together on dinner (giant charcuterie plate and chocolate dipped strawberries); it was a lifesaver and one less thing for me to carry.

4. Some Dîner's offer the service of setting your table up for you. (Do it. The last thing you and your date want to be doing is packing, carrying, setting up and taking down a table + 2 chairs)

5. Bring flat shoes. Seating 6,500+ people (in our case) doesn't happen in a small space. You're going to be walking and there might be grass, so when the pictures are done, embrace the flat shoe.

6. Bring deodorant and bandaids. Physical labour and high heels don't mix when you're trying to be cute.

Have you ever been? Which city did you attend in and what tips do you have to share?

ps, watch my video below of the full experience!

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Photos by Thomas Bullock

Hair by Kirsten Donald