Experiencing Whistler with Lincoln

If you're ever in BC, Canada; a weekend trip to Whistler should be at the top of your list, here's how we spent our weekend away

For our weekend getaway, we rode in the most luxurious car I've ever sat my butt in, the Lincoln Navigator. Driving from Vancouver to Whistler is a very rare occasion since it's a good 1.5 hours on a good day, but when I found out the driver & passenger seats were also massage chairs, I was kind of hoping we'd run into all sorts of traffic so I could get massaged for a little while longer.

Car rules are that when you're in the passenger seat, you're the DJ, so the Bluetooth synced up effortlessly so I could blast Camila Cabello while (and get this) CHARGING MY PHONE ON A WIRELESS CHARGING PAD. The future is here, and it's wire-free and beautiful.

When we arrived at the Fairmont Chateau Whistler, there was a delicious platter of housemade chocolates waiting for us (that Whistler hospitality) and you can bet I started off this trip lying on the bed eating chocolate.

Taking the Navigator from A to B around Whistler was such a smooth ride, from our day spent in the village getting tacos for lunch at La Cantina, and later for dinner at Araxi, it was nice climbing back into the Navigator and sailing home without any bumps disrupting my food baby.

A trip to Whistler wouldn't be complete without a trip to Scandinave Spa, a bunch of hot and cold pools scattered across the beautiful Whistler landscape with sun rooms, saunas, a cluster of hammocks and fireplaces to huddle around in big, cozy robes.

Our last day in Whistler called for room service and spending all morning wrapped up in a robe for as long as possible before packing everything back into a suitcase, tossing it into the spacious back of the car and heading back to the city.

Thank you to Lincoln Canada for sending us to experience Whistler in the 2018 Lincoln Navigator!

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