Fashion Week Hair Diary

Specifically, the 3 products that kept my hair on lock

1. The purse-sized dry shampoo

It's a midday lifesaver in a bottle. If I was ever wearing my hair down during fashion week, I would stash this 1 oz treasure in my purse because low and behold, around 1pm my hair usually needed a boost to get through the day (much like me and coffee) and it was super convenient to pull off a backseat touch up so I could arrive for my next event looking, if you want the whole team, check out this mini travel set!

2. Purse-sized towelettes

I always kept one of these tucked into my cardholder for emergency frizzy hair scenarios, which thankfully didn't happen too many times (thanks oily skin, I guess?), but when it did; I was ready. These little guys are stronger than they look, the towelettes are infused with Argan oil and Vitamin C to tame flyaways and add a glossy shine to tired strands.My favourite moment using them was right before I went to the Versace mansion for an appointment and I touched up my hair on the street!

3. Mini Hairspray

If you're noticing a trend, you're not going crazy; travel is all about the minis, because when is the last time a full-sized can of hairspray in your purse was a good idea? When you leave the house during fashion week, you're gone for the day and the last thing you want is to suffer through, is a bad hair day. My to-go hair in Paris was a slick low bun and I would achieve the polished look using the hairspray for a light hold that didn't look crunchy (major key) and then I'd touch it up throughout the day if I needed a little more stability in my life.. and hair.This little guy also comes in a mini travel set with the dry shampoo I mentioned above and a texture spray, a travel trio to be reckoned with.