Hair Rehab

Hair Rehab

News flash: After entering into hair rehab I now have short hair. It's also purple!

All it takes is one bad trip to the salon and as much as I love changing my hair, it's a dangerous road to go down if you aren't seeing the right person.

I held onto the delusion that I had healthy-ish hair for longer than I should have, so a few of a friends hosted a hair-tervention (hair + intervention) and told me I needed to go to hair rehab to get my hair back on track.

I made an appointment that day with my current trusted hair expert, Kirsten Donald at Heritage Hair Salon, had 7" cut off and she dyed it it purple to allow for a graceful regrowth period, since I won't be going near bleach for a while.

I'll be vlogging my progress, the products Kirsten will be using on me and my whole general journey to healthier hair without any extremes, so be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel!