Holiday Hair with Dyson ❄️

Holiday Hair with Dyson ❄️

and Jet Atkin & Chloe x Isabel. Showing you how holiday hairdos can be easy!

Christmas came early and I finally got my hands on the Dyson supersonic in an exclusive new purple/ black colour combo!

And since Santa was feeling thoughtful, it came with some new Jen Atkin x Chloe + Isabel collaboration hair clips that I used to create todays simple holiday hairstyles.

Side note, since getting tape-in extensions, blow drying my hair is taking me at least 45 minutes because of how thick my mane is now, since using the Dyson for the first time, I'm down to 20 minutes. Fun fact: air flows out of the Dyson at 105mph, so I'm not surprised at the (basically) instant drying.

The first hair look is an elevated version of a simple twist & pin look. I twisted one half of my hair until it reached just behind my ear, fastened it with a bobby pin and then doubled up on a set of decorated pins.

I almost feel guilty for how easy this second look is, but then I see how cool it looks and that feeling fades away.

To amplify a side swept look, sliding a golden hair clip either horizontally or at an angle from the top of your cheekbone looks elegant and a little futuristic. Bonus points if you match your golden clip to your golden sparkly eyeshadow like I did because you can never be too coordinated!

I hope these 2 super easy hairstyles inspire you to try something new with your hair this holiday season! I had so much fun playing with the Dyson Supersonic and testing out all of its features!

My favourite feature was the fact that all the attachments are magnetic so they pop on and off the hairdryer as easily as you decorate your fridge.

Happy holidays 🎄