Honest Tips for Visiting Seven Magic Mountains

Honest Tips for Visiting Seven Magic Mountains

I went, I had a great time, but I made some mistakes..

For some reason, I thought the Seven Magic Mountains weren't anywhere near Las Vegas; turns out they're only a 20 minute drive away. Alex and I rented a car and spent an hour and a half visiting this little tourist attraction, but we did it all wrong and now I'm going to share my mistakes so that hopefully if the person reading this ever decides to go, they'll be prepared.


Not the outfit, the outfit was cute (ofc) but it turns out the desert can be very windy and I didn't bring a hat or a hair tie. Mistake number 1.


If you want the shots nobody else has, you have to go when nobody else wants to go. We hit the mountains up right at peak tourist time - 1pm. This made for harsh light, hot temps. and raised the chances of a tourist walking through the shot. Mistake number 2.

All very minor details, but the smallest change can make the biggest difference. Also to note, there are no sources of water or bathrooms at the turn off spot, so make sure you're prepared before you make the drive out.

Happy adventuring!