How to Handle a Sporadic Downpour


The weather literally just went from *sunny emoji* to *rainy emoji* and this what I immediately pulled out of my closet

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  1. Hat

    Whether it's a wide brim fedora, toque, beanie or beret, the hair is the biggest victim of downpour. Protect ya head, ladies! Nothing is worse than spending all that time in the morning perfecting your hair only to have it blown out by the rain and wind, and not in the way we want!

  2. Scarf

    For obvious reasons, the scarf is always a good idea. Pull out that cashmere and I reccomend always having one handy, because they also act as an umbrella in a pinch! Again, protecting your hair is clearly the most important goal here.

  3. Jacket

    Goldilocks style, it can't be too heavy or too light; it may be September, but humidity is still lurking. As long as your jacket can always double as an umbrella (again, with the hair) you're good to go.

  4. Umbrella!

    If your city has temperamental weather that's prone to going from 24 degrees and sunny to 14 degrees and pouring, like me, you probably have one stashed in your purse, at home, in the car and at a friends (just in case)

Hat Attack beret | Jane Carr scarf (shop the brand) | J JS LEE jacket | Cheap Monday jeans | Stuart Weitzman boots (shop SW ankle boots)