My Full Experience with Laser Hair Removal at Home with Silk'n

My Full Experience with Laser Hair Removal at Home with Silk'n


Truth be told, I’ve been shaving since the age of 12, and have tried every hair removal technique you can think of: threading, plucking, waxing, Nairing; until I took the plunge and finally went the professional laser hair removal route.

I’ve had a handful of professional laser hair removal experiences over the last few years; at a certain point in your life you’re tired of the knicked shins and ingrown hairs that come with other methods and you just want it gone.

“What if I want it back?” Sis, you’ve been trying to be baby smooth for 10+ years, you’re not going to want it back.

The reason I haven’t continued with laser hair removal is because, well, it’s expensive; a local laser clinic quotes $700 starting for legs, and I’ve got bills to pay! So I’ve been making progress with the Silk’n Infinity in the comfort of my own home for the past 2 months and wanted to share my experience (and give one away to one of you!)

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It’s been two months since Silk’n asked me to test out their Infinity Hair Removal Device on an area I haven’t lasered before, so I decided to try it out on my legs. Since getting the device, I’ve done 3 treatments at home with each one being 2 weeks apart (per their suggested removal timeline) the first two times using energy 3 and this most recent round, testing out energy 5.

There are 2 techniques you can use: pulsing and gliding and I’ve been partial to the gliding technique; slowly moving the device down your leg and repeatedly firing the laser. It’s lazy and I love it.

I’m not going to sit here and tell you that my legs are hairless after 3 treatments, because that’s just not true (especially since you need 8+ treatments to see results), but what I will say that as someone who knows what it feels like to hair hair removal professionally done, I know the device is doing its job.


How the Silk’n Infinity works: on a technical level, it uses pulses of light to permanently remove hair growth by targeting the pigment in your hair, transforming into heat that destroys the hair so it doesn’t grow back.

How to know if it’ll work for you: The technology targets pigment in your hair, so it’s best suited for lighter skin tones who have darker hair; the machine won’t even turn on if the skin tone is too dark to treat, preventing any unnecessary damage to your skin. Rrefer to the Fitzpatrick Skin Ton Classification Scale below to see if you are a good candidate for the product.

Where it can be used: it’s been designed for use on the face (from the cheekbones and below), legs, arms, underarms, bikini lines and other areas of the body where unwanted hair grows.

Describe the pain level: After getting professional laser hair treatments, I can tell you that the feeling is comparable, but a little less intense at the lower energy levels (1, 3 and 3) which makes it great for someone who wants to ease into it or get the results without the pain.

How old should you be to use this: Treatments are quoted to be less effective to those going through puberty, so as a general guideline it’s not recommended to anyone under the age of 16.

How to use laser hair removal safely: It’s best to avoid exposure to sun 4 weeks before and 2 weeks after treatments to avoid irritation. I was also shocked to find out this also applies to fake tan! If you’re like me and you generally stay out of the sun, you should also completely remove any fake tan from your skin before using this device.


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