How I'm Wearing Red This Season

How I'm Wearing Red This Season

Long story short: with more red. Plus, this sweater is on sale!

Style is going is such a powerful direction lately and I've loved seeing red layered with red, fully monochromatic looks and overall the perception that more is more. Minimalism is finally on its way out, thank god, and just in time for Fall. Personally, I can't wait for coloured tights, faux fur jackets in unconventional colours and layers of anything but black.

As fate would have it, the baes at Revolve are also having a sitewide sale so if you just looked at your closet and realized you had too much black, or maybe you want a go at something new, I'll break it down for you.

ps, it's only for Canadians.

The entire site is 20% off (yay) but there are some designer limitations (boo) so here's a list of eligible brands you can save on:

Happy shopping!

Majorelle sweater | Sarah Mulder necklace | Gucci belt | Topshop jeans | Louis Vuitton bag