Instagrammable Cafés in Bali

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Let me tell you, when it comes to aesthetically pleasing 'Instagrammable' restaurants and cafés, Bali had got it going on.

Not only are these cafés gorgeously decorated, but they all have free wifi, A/C and surprisingly affordable menus that I can't recommend enough!


Cafe Organic

--Located in Canggu, we ended up at Cafe Organic after the power had gone out on our villa block. We posted up inside and took over a couple tables for a few hours for a work sesh. Every café has meticulous branding and Cafe Organic refers to themselves are Garden Gangstas, which is also their WiFi name, and it ties into their vegetarian menu with vegan/ raw options that was not only affordable, but so good.My Instagrammable moment: The rope swing on the patio.Click here to browse the menu.

The Loft

--Located in Canggu, this was the first place I went for breakfast in Bali and had my mind blown by the incredible menu (and where I had my first smoothie bowl EVER). The are so many different features to this place, the indoor to outdoor seating leads to the cafes' own hashtagged pink wall which to be honest, we waited 20 minutes to sit at because surprise! some other girls were taking photos there and rightfully so.. it's cute af.The second time we ate at the Loft, it was with the whole girl gang and we ventured upstairs, which was empty and had a cute window seat and 1 looong table (with outlets built-in) so we did what any girl gang of content creators would do and we took photos of our food by the window seat. Then ate it, and it was delicious.My Instagrammable moments: the window seat upstairs, the marble tables outside and the pink wall, also outside.Click here to browse the menu.

Coffee Cartel

--Located in Seminyak, this spot was within watching distance from our villa so we hit it up a couple times. The first time was for lunch, the avo smash w/ egg paired well with a matcha latté and it was only like, $12, so of course we went back again. This time I tried something on the menu I had seen called 'coffee rippling' wherein, for an additional $1.50CAD or 15,000IDR, you can get whatever you want printed on the coffee. So I did what any millennial would do and I branded that beetroot latté, which was lukewarm by the time I was done taking photos of it, but still delicious.My Instagrammable moments: the marble tables outside and the white wall upstairs on the patio.Click here to browse the menu.