Into Universal Studios' Europe


Into a little slice of heaven..

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Sometimes I forget I'm in school; I flew home from Calgary long enough to write some papers/ tests and luckily the few weeks before finals starts is a 'calm before the storm' scenario, sooo it was time for another trip, this time to somewhere a little warmer.

I flew into LA on Wednesday night, and since we had some time to kill before getting into work mode, we spent the entire day at Universal Studios and did every single ride in 5 hours (Mummy, Jurassic Park, Transformers, Harry Potter, Simpsons, Studio Tour - thank you, fast pass) and let me tell you a secret, this European-inspired courtyard is the place to chill and sit on some fake mopeds with fake baskets of fake cute French things and shop for fake flowers at fake markets on the fake Rue de L'Amour.

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Karen Walker sunglasses | Sarah Mulder necklace | Gap jeans | Loeffler Randall shoes

photos by Ron Khy