My Microblading Experience: A Comprehensive Guide

My Microblading Experience: A Comprehensive Guide

Let me walk you through the best way to do it.

If you're considering hopping on the latest cosmetic trend train and getting your eyebrows upgraded - doing your research is the first step to ensuring you’ll get the fleeky brows you’ve always dreamed of; because ultimately, you're getting a semi-permanent pigment pushed under your skin that lasts up to 2 years; it shouldn't be taken lightly.

When cosmetic tattoo artist  Kamila Canet of Mila Mink Lash & Brows reached out about hooking me up with microbladed brows, I was beyond down to get it done because I've been debating microbladed brows foreverrrrr (I'm the girl who puts her eyebrows on to go to the beach)

I started Googling up a storm to hopefully take some of the research people had done in the past and apply it to my own experience and unfortunately I couldn't find anything, so I was transparent with Kamila about my intention to use this experience to create the ultimate guide for anyone who is curious about the procedure and we agreed that it starts with knowledge.

While searching for the right place to get the procedure, keep an eye out for these important details:

Make sure the artist is certified by a reputable school (do your research on who trained your artist)

Also, their portfolio! Check it thoroughly before choosing an artist; if you don't love the work they've done in the past, you won't like the work they do on you.

When you've found somewhere you're confident in approaching about getting your eyebrows microbladed, be sure to ask the following questions:

How long will this take? (anything under 2 hours could be a rush job)

How much does it cost? (The average price starts at $400 - anything cheaper than that is a red flag)

What tools do they use? Disposable needles are an absolute must to avoid transfer of bacteria.

Any confident artist will be patient and understanding. If they try to rush you or gloss over details, it's a red flag.

What to expect for the procedure:

*This is from my experience, yours may vary if you go to a different artist.

A numbing solution is applied to the eyebrow area and while it takes effect, the ideal brows are mapped out on the face with a eyebrow pencil in accordance with the Golden Ratio so you end up with eyebrows that suit your face shape and a symmetrical brow is achieved.

You'll be given a choice of pigments, typically the artist will advise to choose a colour that closely resembles your natural brow shade; then the ideal colour is drawn on like you would normally do your brows so you have a chance to look at the shape and colour to confirm it's what you want.

By this time, the numbing has kicked in and it's time to start blading. You'll hear a slight scraping - so be sure to bring your headphones like I did in case you aren't into the sound and you might feel the odd cut, like a paper cut, as the artist works over your brows. I found the outer corners to be the most sensitive.

After the first pass is complete, a different numbing gel is applied and after about 3-5 minutes the second pass starts. At this point I didn't feel anything and when it's done, the same steps are repeated as before. The last pass is spent filling in the details and evening things out. After this, it’s time for the reveal!

The pigment is wiped off and you get to see your finished brows! If you're happy, you're done! You should get a special healing balm and care instructions from your artist and you're good to go!

Right off the bat, your eyebrows are going to look perfect, bold and better than you've ever seen them; and after 3 weeks, my morning makeup routine has seriously been cut down. Sometimes I go out without any makeup on at all because my new brows give me that new confidence. I honestly wish I had done this sooner, and Kamila was the perfect person to introduce me to the process.

Book with the artist who did my brows here

Note: for my US readers, she will come to you free of charge if you book in groups of 2 or more!


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While I was getting my eyebrows done, I asked everyone to send in all their thoughts/ questions on microblading.


Question: Will it look natural for someone with light hair and brows?

Answer: Yes.  Microblading is a great way to improve the color of the brows on people with very blonde or aging/greying brows. The artist will find a color to closely match your natural eyebrow hair. If your hair is super light, usually a taupe color is used.


Question: Our face changes as we get older, so what does the semi-tattoo look like when that happens?

Answer: The great thing about Microblading is that it's semi-permanent unlike conventional tattoo methods. It only lasts about 2 years. So as fashion or your face changes, so can your look.


Question: What happens if you don't like the finished product?

Answer: If after the procedure is done and there are strokes out of place that you may not like, the artist is able to remove them by taking out the pigment with a special solution while they are still fresh and they will simply heal over without a mark.


Question: How long does it take?

Answer: The entire appointment is about 2 hours. It takes approximately 25 minutes for the numbing cream to take effect. In that time the artist will go over the consultation forms and any contraindications etc. Then the pre-draw is done and once you both agree on a shape,the Microblading begins.


QuestionI'm really interested but have heard when they fade to blue or red, do you have to keep retouching forever?

Answer: The pigments used in old school eyebrow tattoos aren't the same ones used for Microblading, plus it's a different technique altogether. Since microblading doesn't go as deep, there is no risk of ink spilling under your skin and causing an unsightly de-pigmitized look. 

With microblading, the pigment will fade away completely, taking your brow look back to where it was before you had them microbladed and you can choose to get them retouched from there.

It's important to understand that microblading is a two step process as everyone heals differently. You will need to come back 6-10 weeks later for a touch up session. At this point, any additional strokes may need to be added where strokes may not have retained the pigment to achieve your ideal brow look if you think they're needed. At this point the artist can also adjust the color and shape.