New Hair, Who Dis?

The best last minute decision I've made lately

Before leaving for NYFW, I made an appointment with my hair bae Elissa and told her she could do whatever she wanted to my hair because I wanted something different for fashion month.

On that note, a little advice: when you're going to be away from your stylist for long periods of time, you need to choose your colours wisely so you know they'll continue looking pretty as they fade. I've found that purple fades the best, with pink as a close second. I tend to stay away from reds, blues and greens because they require a lot of maintenance, but it's also a personal preference because I don't like the way they look when the vibrancy starts to dim.

3 hours later, I walked out with fresh highlights and a killer raspberry root that melted into a lighter purpley-pink and it's safe to say I'm in loooove. I can't have bleach on my scalp, so Elissa is always super careful when she's touching up my roots and I I'm looking forward to see how this colour fades throughout the month.