Prints Please


I'm finally back to feeling like my old self.

20160228-_MG_5913 20160228-_MG_5844

Juggling 101 things ain't easy, but after the announcement I made, I'm feeling a big weight off my back. Leaving the security of a stable job isn't easy, but you only have one real chance to have a go at your dreams and it's better now while my shoe collection outweighs my bills.

20160228-_MG_5762 20160228-_MG_5801 20160228-_MG_5850

And while my life is getting coordinated, so is this look. Orange scarf, orange lips and a contrasting houndstooth/ stripe monochrome addition because I can. (Definitely a set of prints I never thought would look good together)

20160228-_MG_5808 20160228-_MG_5754

ps, I'm leaving the country in 27 days for a little project! So stay 'tuned.


Echo Design scarf | Thrifted blouse | C/Meo Collective vest | Gap jeans | Gadea boots

Thomas Bullock photography