Spring is in the air, and so are prom flashbacks.

Prom may be a not-so-distant memory for me, but every so often I find myself in a dress that could've made the cut. I almost wish I'd had a few do-overs so I could try different styles; maybe a ball gown or a fully sequined cocktail dress.. but today I'm envisioning how this mesh ombré two-piece dress might've looked at my Alice in Wonderland-themed prom.

With the vibrant greens fading from the black top and the extra bump of body under the first layer, I'm guessing it would've fit right in.

What initially caught my eye was the colour, but when I tried it on, I was won over by the fabric (and the pockets!) It passed the twirl test we all do in front of the change room mirror with flying colours (literally) and passing that criteria makes this dress a winner.

Laura dress

Photos by Thomas Bullock