Puffer Jacket Season

A style I avoided for years, until I found the one for me.

It's a style of jacket I haven't looked twice at until this season, I found this Emilio Pucci puffer jacket in a vintage store and had to have it.

It was a style of jacket my parents were partial to, so of course I avoided at all costs once I started dressing for myself, but now I've come back around to it on my own terms and we've reconciled happily.

Stylistically speaking, there were a few attributes that drew me in; the wide collar, the double-zip feature (there's a cropped version underneath for insulation) and the print was something I haven't seen before. Not to mention it's insanely warm, which is a plus because a year ago while I was shivering in the cold trying to act like my outfit wasn't totally inappropriate for the weather (the things we do to get the shot), I told myself I would start finding pieces that blended fashion and function.

With all all-black look underneath, the puffer jacket looks polished and a matching deep red lip creates a little colour story that always raises the bar in an outfit.  Weather permitting, a heeled boot creates an elegant silhouette and you're good to go!

Here are a few of my fav puffer jackets for under $300! 

Quilted jacket ($295)

Bomber jacket ($295)

Bomber jacket ($101)

Valneer jacket ($265)

Freestyle jacket ($295)